Sunday, 21 August 2016

Profile of Fall IXO Students

Study Abroad Applications

Applications are now open for AUS students who want to study abroad in the Fall 2017 semester. 

The deadline for all applications is December 3, 2016

Visit IXO (MG43) to talk to a Peer Advisor about your options. To apply or for more information, visit or contact us at

New Peer Advisors

IXO would also like to introduce the recently returned AUS students who studied abroad in Spring 2016, and will now be serving on the IXO team as new Peer Advisors. Welcome to the team Dinete, Catherine, Seham and Tariq!

University of International Business and Economics

Delegates from the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in China visited AUS this summer. UIBE is interested in collaborating and partnering with AUS. They came for discussions about scientific research cooperation, communication and exchange of teachers and students in the form of academic conferences and other possible collaborations that meet mutual interests. 

Delegates from UIBE and AUS 

CIEE Amman

IXO recently hosted a visiting delegation from Amman, Jordan led by Abubakr Alani, Resident Director of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). The group was primarily interested in touring our campus, and learning about the amenities we enjoy here. 

Delegates from CIEE Amman 

University of Texas, Austin

Dr. Caroline Faria, a delegate from the University of Texas, Austin, recently visited AUS. She was hosted by Dr. Mohammad Ibahrine, a fellow faculty member at the Department Mass Communications. Faria was interested in touring the campus and familiarizing herself with the academic studies in mass media. 

Dr. Caroline Faria, a delegate from UT Austin 

Monday, 15 August 2016

A Semester in Japan

Sirine Rached Dhaouadi, an electrical engineering major, studied abroad at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan in Fall 2015. Dhaouadi said, “My semester in Japan was very different from what I am used to in engineering. I took language, culture and history courses focused on Japan and its different aspects. The huge contrast between my engineering background and what I was taking in Japan really made me realize how much I missed my major!” 

When asked why Dhaouadi chose to study abroad in Japan, she replied, “It was not my first time visiting the university. I knew the campus and the area well prior to studying there. There was something so surreal about studying in Japan. I have always been interested in the Japanese people, culture and lifestyle.” She said, “It was my parents who actually encouraged me to study in Japan. We spent a summer there and I really enjoyed and appreciated it. I also realized that this opportunity would help me be more independant and responsible. 

I think it’s important to study abroad to expand our knowledge to more than just the culture we are familiar with. As cliche as it sounds, when you’re travelling alone you’re doing some sort of soul searching to find out who you really are. As much as I tried to resist this cliche, I found myself living up to it. In a way my study abroad experience just showed me more of who I am, my potential, and my capabilities as an individual.” 

Dhaouadi advised, “Don’t be afraid to study abroad. It is so liberating and the opportunities and experiences are endless. If I could sum up this entire experience, I would say it is the best thing you can do in your four or five years at university.” 

 IXO Peer Advisor Sirine Dhaouadi in Japan